About Us

Founded by brothers Justin and Jake Voll, AlarmPR.com was launched at ISC West on April 7, 2011.  The website was created in response to increasing demand for immediate information. As security industry professionals themselves, Justin and Jake understand the importance of staying up to date on industry news and trends. So, they created AlarmPR.

At AlarmPR.com you can view industry news as it feeds in from all over the internet, and you can submit free press releases for your company. If you visit our “Industry Jobs” page, you can view the latest job postings for alarm companies throughout the country. And when you sign up for our newsletter, we’ll make sure you get the most important information delivered to your inbox.

In a nutshell, AlarmPR is the Niagara Falls of security industry information and we’re working to increase the flow every day. If you’d prefer more refined, filtered, and polished content, please visit our “Industry Publications Page.” Otherwise, if you’re an information junkie like us, bookmark this site.

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